Pete Rose And The Hall Of Fame

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My controversial topic is on Pete Rose and how he should be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Pete Rose was a player that I looked up to when I was a young boy playing baseball. I was a big fan of his collecting all of his baseball cards from rookie year up to the present time. Now, most of the baseball critics and others do not want Pete Rose inducted. They claim that his illegal betting on baseball games should keep him out of the Hall of Fame.
Almost all of the "highly questionable" evidence that Commissioner Bart Giamatti held was derived from former friends and associates of Rose. "Up to $30,000 per day", so some of Roses ' "close" friends say. These former friends of Rose are Tommy Gioiosa, Donald Stenger, Mike Fry, and Paul Janszen. This evidence is what prompted the banishment from baseball of Pete Rose, which he signed. The evidence was enough for the Commissioner. In 1989, baseball 's Commissioner Bart Giammati suspended Pete Rose from association with professional baseball for life for gambling. Rose also spent five months in a minimum-security prison for tax evasion in 1990. He did not report cash money he accepted for signing baseballs and photographs at baseball card shows. It is still to this day not proven that Rose “did” bet on the baseball team that he was managing. Rose himself still holds true to his statement that he never bet on the game of baseball. Evidence is minimal and it has been over ten years, yet he is still ineligible to be voted into
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