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PETTLEP-derived imagery interventions have been shown to enhance technical skills in sport (Wakefield & Smith, 2009) and nursing (Wright, Hogard, Ellis, Smith, & Kelly, 2008). They have also been used to improve strength performance (Wright & Smith, 2009; Wakefield & Smith, 2011). Smith et al. (2007) . undertook a study on the effects of the PETTLEP based imagery method compared against other more traditional methods (mental rehearsals, visualisation). Studies focusing on a hockey penalty flick and a gymnastics beam skill were carried out. In the hockey flick task, they found that as more PETTLEP components were introduced into the imagery intervention, there was a stronger effect on performance. In the hockey flick task, it was found that …show more content…

Vividness and ease are considered in work by Callow & Hardy (2005) as the main dimensions which can be used to measure ability to perform imagery tasks. These components can be found in the PETTLEP model. Gould and Damarjin (1996) put forward a theory that if an individual hold a piece of relevant sporting equipment and undertakes movements reflective of the task, a more vivid imagery experience will occur, this embraces the physical component of the PETTLEP model. Callow et al. (2006) investigated vividness with groups that including dynamic, control and static groups in a skiing context. The dynamic group embraced both environmental and physical components of PETTLEP, whereas the static group sat remotely and both were provided with an imagery script of themselves completing a down-hill slalom course. Follow up tests reported higher levels of vividness with the dynamic group along with improved performance results in later timed races. PETTLEP model, founded upon functional equivalence, is a notion that imagery, motor preparation and performance share common brain mechanisms. Holmes and Collins suggested that to maximise functional equivalence, the physical nature of imagery should

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