Essay about Peyton Manning-Gatorade Commercial

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Gatorade has been sponsoring the NFL for many years, starting in 1968. Its involvement with the sport has made the drink known to many today “The official drink of the NFL” (Gatorade). According to Naomi Klein “…the wave of mergers in the corporate world over the last few years is a deceptive phenomenon: it only looks as if the giants, by joining forces, are getting bigger and bigger”(4). And that is exactly what the corporation of Gatorade was trying to carry out. By joining its name with the NFL, which at that time was becoming a famous sport to watch, Gatorade has become the number one sport drink for athletes. In the “Peyton Manning-Gatorade Commercial”, the corporation of Gatorade is not only selling their product, but is also …show more content…

However believe it or not that’s not always true. Most big name companies try to portray the positives of the product in the advertisement, and in marketing perspective that’s the whole major point. But the public deserves to know the negative part of the product also. For example Gatorade, a hydration drinks which is meant for activities and sports. But declared by science, any hydration drinks are not meant to be taken alone, should be taken with water mainly. Why isn’t the public notified about this information? It’s only because Corporations want investment. They are all looking for profits no matter what the advertisement says. Stated by Naomi Klein in her No Logo, “…with the Kraft purchase, a huge dollar value had been assigned to something that had previously been abstract and unquantifiable — a brand name. This was spectacular news for the ad world, which was now able to make the claim that advertising spending was more than just a sales strategy: it was an investment in cold hard equity. The more you spend, the more your company is worth”. (8) And this idea has grown so much during our generation that we don’t stop and think how much it really is taking over our lives.
In the commercial, “Peyton Manning-Gatorade Commercial” the enterprise of Gatorade relates the drink to the NFL. The advertisement relates to every athlete and every sport but specially the NFL. Peyton Manning, who is a quarterback and is one of the greatest in the

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