Activated Roal

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What is a trend and what makes a trend a trend? What causes people to partake in trends?
A trend is a large, measurable shift that influences our value and behavior. A trend is triggered when a force asserts itself on a culture, forcing that culture to respond and change. Trends stick with people and usually makes a big difference in the life of people who are caught in the trend. There are many types of trends, such as clothing trends, technology trends, electronic trends, beauty trends, etc.. When asking ourselves why do people partake in trends we realize how easy this question can be answered. Advertisements and the feeling of “fitting in” influence every single one of us to take part in a trend. We may not realize we are in a trend because they can be so simple, but we are. Wearing sweaters, jeans, and Uggs is a fall/winter trend and many people are caught in the trend without realizing they are because it’s such a simple outfit you don’t think much of it. A popular trend that has a lot of people trying new things is the activated charcoal trend. Activated charcoal is being used for both health and beauty. The use of activated charcoal has increased since the idea of using this substance has come to light. Some causes as to why people may …show more content…

Advertisements are meant to be very influential, they inform people about the products they are selling while making them look good at the same time. Advertisements sometimes exaggerate to sell the product they are endorsing and a lot of people fall for the exaggeration they are being presented with. An example would be a magazine saying that “This product will whiten your teeth like no other due to the new ingredient, activated charcoal”. While the teething whitening products containing activated charcoal do whiten teeth other teeth whiteners do their job without activated

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