Phantom Of The Opera

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The story of The Phantom of the Opera is a romantic-drama with a pinch of action. It revolves arounds a girl named Christine who loses both her parents at a young age, and picks up singing and dance. She soon becomes the best singer at the opera, and falls in the middle of a love triangle. One of the corners of the triangle so to speak, is a phantom, who kidnaps the man who Christine truly loves, and threatens to blow up the opera with everyone in it, unless Christine marries him.
Opera singer Christine rocks the gala on the night of the managers' retirement. Raoul, Christine's childhood friend, hears her sing and remembers his love for Christine. There are rumors of a phantom who is living at the Opera and he shows him presence to the managers through letters and acts of evil. Against the will of the Phantom, the Paris Opera performs Faust, with Carlotta playing the lead. During the performance, Carlotta loses her voice and the chandelier falls into the audience. Christine gets kidnapped by the phantom and who takes her to his home in the basement of the Opera where he reveals himself as as Erik. He wants to keep her there for a few days to win her love. His plans must change when he takes off his mask and, to the fright of both, his deformed face which resembles an old dried skull, …show more content…

Erik lifts his mask to kiss Christine on her forehead, and is surprised with a kiss in return. Erik reveals that he has never got a kiss even from his mother and has never been allowed to give one, making him filled with emotion. Erik allows them to escape,but not before making sure that Christine will visit him once the day he dies, and give him the gold ring he gave her. Also he makes her promise that she will go to the newspaper and report his death. Staying true to her words Christine returns some time later to Erik's lair. There she buries him with the gold ring. Soon later, a local newspaper runs the passage "Erik is

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