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Some people have moms, some people have step moms, I have both. Unfortunately, I am not close to either. After the age of 13 I grew distant from my parents, and after the age of 18 I didn't have any kind of a relationship with my father. Since there hasn't been much of a structured family in my life, it always feels nice when I am welcomed into someone else’s family. Approximately one and one half years ago, I was hired as a pharmacy technician at The Pharmacy at Wellington in Little Rock. Ever since then I have felt like I have a new family. The members of the family are always coming and going. Members come when they are hired or visit for their one month stay during rotations as a fourth year pharmacy student, and they go when they graduate and have better opportunities or move away to new areas to bigger and better things. But one thing that all members of this pharmacy share while they are with us is that they all care about each other, help each other and work towards a common goal, both in their personal life, as well as in their professional life. One member of this family that stands out in particular is the mother, Brittany H. Sanders PharmD. She is a partner in the business, as well as the glue that holds the place together. Brittany is the most respected and looked up to member of my pharmacy family. I …show more content…

But I briefly met Brittany before my hire. She is one of the most professional people that I know. I didn’t know this at the time, but she would end up being my third and most influential mother. Brittany is incredibly smart, graduating pharmacy school at the age of twenty three, three years younger than normal. She then went on to be the manager of the busiest Walgreens in the state of Arkansas for seven years. She is my boss and fulfills that role, but she is also a great teacher, as well as a friend and a mentor. She is always pushing me to do my best and reach my

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