Pharmacy Improvement Service at Cvs

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REV: OCTOBER 20, 2006 Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS (A) Flum looked at Betses. “You told us it was bad, but this bad?” “I told you there were service issues in our pharmacies. But I have to admit, even I didn’t know the whole story.” “So what do we do about it?” “Well, we can’t have 67 solutions for the 67 problems we identified,” Roberts said. “Definitely not,” Grossi agreed. “But do you have an idea what we should do? If you erased that whiteboard and grabbed a pen, could you draw the ‘right’ flow chart for pharmacy operations?” “Actually, I think I could come pretty close. And I think my flow chart would look a lot like both of yours. I’m just not sure which parts of it would be easy to implement and which would be…show more content…
If they came to us or stuck with us, it was because they didn’t think anyone else would take better care of them, not because we were so fantastic. One of our interviewees said, “I’ve had problems at CVS, but why would I leave? All pharmacies probably have some problems.” Luckily for us, they also thought that it was really difficult to switch from one pharmacy to another. Another interviewee said, “I don’t even know what’s involved in transferring a prescription. Do I have to call my doctor to get a new prescription? It just seems like it would be such a hassle.” Do 1 Pharmacies were responsible for a roughly equivalent share of CVS profits. 2 Copying or posting is an infringement of copyright. or 617-783-7860. No tC To understand the true state of pharmacy customer service and to make any required fixes, CVS launched the PSI and staffed it with operations executives and managers, including Roberts, the senior vice president of store operations; Flum, the director of store technology; and Betses, the director of pharmacy operations. Also on the team were a top pharmacy supervisor, a top pharmacist, and consultants from the Boston Consulting Group, including Grossi. op As the company grew, managers started to worry that pharmacy operations were not performing well. Anecdotes
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