Phencyclidine: The Dawn Of A New Age Essay

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Phencyclidine: The Dawn of a New Age April, 1956 : The pharmaceutical company Parke & Davis first synthesize what they believe to be the perfect anesthetic (Souza, 1995). When administered to patients, it causes a completely dissociative state, with no significant respiratory or cardiovascular depression. Patients appear to be awake, eyes open, breathing normally.but are unaware of their surroundings or the procedures being performed upon them (Souza, 1995). Indeed, this is the perfect drug. Unfortunately, like all good things, this one has a darker side. 15% of patients awake from their slumber with what appeared to be an acute case of paranoid schizophrenia (Peterson; Stillman, 1978). The drug is PCP, and to this day it is the…show more content…
In special cases, ketamine is still used as an anesthetic. (C.H. Badenhorst M.D, personal communication).      Ten years after its initial discovery, phencyclidine found a new audience in the scientific and underground drug culture communities (Nintey Fifth Congress, 1978). At this time, a few Freudian psychologists carried out unauthorized experiments in which perfectly healthy patients were given PCP and observed (Nintey Fifth Congress, 1978). Although their research did not provide much useful data, it did begin a revolution in our knowledge of the chemical basis for schizophrenia (Nintey Fifth Congress, 1978). In 1987, the FDA removed Sernyl (phencyclidine's market name) from the human market and reserved it for use only as an animal tranquilizer, for which it is still used today (Peterson, 1978). Unfortunately, some individuals were still able to obtain the drug, either through theft or home synthesis in a garage laboratory (Nintey Fifth Congress, 1978). It was distributed under a number of slang terms, including PeaCe Pill, THC, and Love Boat; and rapidly spread throughout the country as a result of its low price and availability (Peterson, 1978). There were many casualties.not because of the drug, but because of

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