Phil Knight: One Of The Most Ferocious Workers In The World

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Nike’s Beginning Phil Knight said, “Play by the rules, but be ferocious” (qtd in Entrepreneur). Phil Knight was one of the most ferocious workers in the world. Phil Knight is the creator of Nike and has the biggest shoe company in the world. He is the richest person in the sports world. Phil Knight had a very big vision for his company, hard work ethic, and overcame adversity. Nobody believed in his company besides Bill Bowerman. Phil Knight started a company that wasn’t even real just to make to build his real vision, which was the company Nike. After Knight graduated at Stanford he met with Bill Bowerman and they became business partners. His dad gave him a small amount of money to start his company that would later become Nike. Knight met with the company Onitsaku Tiger and told them that he wanted to sell their shoes at Blue Ribbon Sports, which wasn’t even a real company (Entrepreneur.) Knight and Bowerman began selling the shoes at high school track events across the state of Washington. After Phil Knight had made three million dollars he and Bowerman decided to cut ties with Onitsaku Tiger and started Nike. The company’s name came from the…show more content…
There were only three people that believed in him; his mother, father, and Bill Bowerman (Entrepreneur). His father gave him five hundred dollars to invest in Onitsaku Tiger, which then lead to them making three million dollars. Bill Bowerman was a fellow Oregon University track runner believed in Knight’s plan and became his business partner (Entrepreneur). After Knight and Bowerman had made three million dollars they started Nike. When the first shoe was released it was sold for thirty-five dollars and had waffle soles. Famous athlete John McEnroe began to wear Nike, which increased their sales from ten thousand to one million (Carmichael). Knight proved all of the doubters and naysayers wrong in just a few short
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