Philippine vs. Anglo-Saxons Short Stories

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Ma. Gretchiela G. Gabral R71 Ma. Gretchiela G. Gabral R71 Comparative Analysis of Philippine and Anglo-Saxon Short Stories It could not be denied that the early Philippine short stories in English were influenced by the Anglo-Saxon. The Philippine short stories had evolved from the earlier literature of fables and folk tales and adapted the elements of the short stories of the Anglo-Saxon. The Philippine and Anglo-Saxon short stories were alike in many ways. I found “Dead Stars”, the first Philippine short story in English as equally interesting as “The Storm” although the pace of the story differed in each. Both stories were able to present thematic ideas with the use of the setting “storm” and the symbolism “dead stars”. While…show more content…
In the “Wedding Dance”, it would be helpful to research what tribes still practiced to contemporary times the rituals or traditions featured in the short stories. In the short story “Bread of Salt”, it would be helpful to dwell on the connection of the pandesal to the character and the events in the short story and also research on why it was called the bread of salt. The character’s buying of the padensal with his own money encompassed the idea of the guy’s desire to alleviate himself from the low-class society someday. The Philippine short stories had a balanced proportion of emotions while Anglo-Saxon short stories emphasized a dominant feeling or emotion. “Tell-Tale Heart” with its use of single effect was gothic in style in its seemingly arranged procedures of committing a murder. ”The Storm” showcased characters in ecstasy of sexual gratification. In “What We Talk When We Talk About Love”, there was the feeling of disgust in Mel and Terri’s distorted view of love. While obviously in “Misery”, the feeling of grief and helplessness was eminent. On the other hand, Philippine short stories like “May Day Eve”, “Magnificent” and “Wedding Dance” had varying emotions. It would take a while before you finally make a judgment or reaction to the short story. In the Anglo-Saxon short stories, there is just a need to connect the events and recognize the obvious. While in Philippine short stories, critical thinking as well as linking of
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