Essay on Philmont Trek

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Wiping the sweat from my brow I called a halt to the crew. Phil and I dumped our packs and found a comfy boulder to rest on. I looked back to where the last guys were coming from back down the trail. They had stopped talking a while back and marched slowly along the dirt trail. Phil produced an energy-bar he’d saved from breakfast and began to munch on it as I drained another water bottle. After the refreshing drink I laid back against the rock and stared up at the pine trees. But a moment later, hearing grumble about sore legs, I sat up, grinning, “By the map we only have another couple hours.”

After one look Phil recognized the sarcasm and followed suit, “Is that all? Whoohoo, Yippee hooray. Lets jump for joy.”

“Well this is one of …show more content…

It had looked so far away it was hard to believe I would be on top of it in a few days. Besides in the campsites, we only saw one other group of people during the entire 12 day trek and the only human sounds were our own. Each camp was an island of civilization in a great sea of wilderness, and a wonderful solace to end the day’s hike.

We had been walking a long time today. Waking up at 6:00, we had eaten and broken camp down quickly so we would make it to the next campsite before nightfall. We had begun hiking at 7:00 a.m. and besides hourly five minute breaks, and only stopped twice—for lunch and to put mole skin on Mr. Smith’s feet. Usually I walked up front with Phil but a few times someone would ask to be the lead man and I would let them. We would chat for a good portion of it: complain about soreness or complain about other’s complaining (we only complained to each other because leaders can’t show weakness, hehe), talk about home, good food (which was non-existent out there), and the day’s activities. And, sometimes we’d walk for an hour in silence. As we rounded a bend and approached the slope up the last small mountain of the days hike, I noticed a flash of light in the distance.

“Uh ohhh.”

Phil looked at me questioningly.

“Lightening.” I explained.

“Oh Great!” He said moodily, “You think we’ll make it before it hits?”

I looked at

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