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Anthony Charpentier
Due Date: 10/7/14
PHI 307 – Ancient Philosophy
First Essay Assignment
Xenophanes, Socrates, Plato on the possibility of knowledge

Skepticism – A skeptical attitude; doubt as to the truth of something. In ordinary skepticism this would mean someone who would doubt the existence of something. A difference between the two is normal skepticism is you try to get it clear in your head. Ordinary doubt - or local skepticism - can usually be tested - and even when it can't, there may well come a time when it can. Many philosophers have had their own version and interpretation of skepticism. Skeptics only denies we have knowledge but does not deny our belief or opinion. Most of which our true belief is just luck and …show more content…

It is a questioning technique that requires a commitment to being reasonable. The principle of the method help develop critical thinking, logic. In the Euthyphro we are presented with both men are awaiting trials and Euthyphro awaiting a trial for his father. Socrates wants to find a universal definition of piety and claims what he is doing is piety and prosecuting his father for manslaughter. Within this dialogue Socrates uses a series of definitions in his discussion. One of which is Euthyphro stating piety is pleasing the gods (RAGP, pg 141)” in which Socrates disagrees and states this is wrong because this would mean something being disputed by the gods could be pious and impious. Euthyphro addresses Socrates criticism by pointing out that not even the gods would disagree amongst themselves but again is still wrong. So again they attempt to find a unified definition by stating piety is an art of sacrifice and prayer and the gods in exchange for favors which is stated in section 14-15 in Reading in Ancient Greek Philosophy. The Socratic method is negative in that it does not purport to be able to obtain a positive answer. The point is simply to show that the interlocutor's answer is false. Throughout this Socrates does not provide his own answer to the definition of pious and decides

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