Philosophy Syllabus

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Republic of the Philippines BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY Gov. Pablo Borbon Main Campus I Batangas City COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURE AND FINE ARTS GENERAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Second Semester, AY 2015-2016 COURSE SYLLABUS HUM 102 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY 3 Units Prerequisite: None UNIVERSITY VISION A University which shapes a global Filipino imbued with moral courage nurtured through values and excellent education. UNIVERSITY MISSION Batangas State University commits to develop productive citizens by providing the highest standard of instruction, research, extension service and production through value-laden learning experiences, community partnership and internationalization initiatives. Course Title: Introduction to…show more content…
| | √ | | | 4.3. Relate the different schools of thoughts of Theism, Ontological Arguments and Cosmological Arguments with different real-life situations. | | | √ | | 4.4. Evaluate the norms and standards set by the society. | | | | √ | 5. THEORIES OF ETHICS | | | | | 5.1. Define Hedonism, Stoicism and Epicureanism. | √ | | | | 5.2. Distinguish and discuss Hedonism, Stoicism and Epicureanism | | √ | | | 5.3. Relate the different schools of thoughts of Hedonism, Stoicism and Epicureanism with different real-life situations | | | √ | | 5.4. Evaluate the norms and standards set by the society. | | | | √ | 6.0 TEACHING, LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES Being a multidisciplinary subject, Philosophy is taught dynamically. Different teaching strategies are utilized like discussion, brainstorming, exposition, group treatise, Socratic Method of debate and traditional lecture. 7.0 COURSE REQUIREMENTS This course requires students to actively participate in the classroom discourses to be able to measure their critical thinking, analysis and synthesis. Students should pass the quizzes which will be administered regularly after each topic is discussed. They will also be asked to create essay writings on the principles tackled in class. The four major assessments in this course are preliminary, midterm, semi-final and final examinations. The students should get 75
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