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The school that I was placed in is P.S.096 Joseph Lanzetta and there are 442 students enrolled from Pre-K to the 8th grade. There are Special Education classes and a few inclusive classrooms within the school. Some special ed. students travel with their para to another classroom for another subject. P.S.096 is located in district 04 in East Harlem and demographic of the neighborhood is mostly Black and Hispanic. Most of the students within the school are African American and Hispanic. Students are require to wear their uniform to school. Joseph Lanzetta’s mission statement is:
Our vision is to develop students who can read, write, speak and compute well, think critically and present themselves as human beings who are confident, humane, civic‐minded,
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The streets were clean of debris and the trees in front of the school were kept pretty well. The brushes were trimmed as well. Overall it looked like a pretty new building. Inside the school the hallway exhibits a lot of students’ art work, the school emphasize a lot on student creativity. The security guards were also very friendly and seems to know the names of the students that are attending the school. The many doors that leads to the outside have alarms in them to let the adults know if a student were to leave the school setting. There were many afternoon school programs for the students to attend to, one of the widely known one is YMCA. During special occasions like the 100 day of school, students were brought down to the cafeteria to do some craft work that will be hang in the hall way to showcase their school spirit. The classrooms and school is well equipped with new technology, with iPads and iMacs. Also, the school takes a lot of students from the charter…show more content…
Unlike the other co-operating teachers that I work with, the current teacher doesn’t start with any aims or objective. Her starting statements were, “Let’s take a look at this…” and have the students sit down on the rug while looking at smartboard. The teacher then sign in to one of the school site that’s dedicated to teach students math. It was a very kid’s friendly site with a cartoon character guiding the students. The teacher would open up a problem that has based ten blocks and a word problem. So I assume the objective is students will be able to use based ten blocks to do two digit addition
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