Phobia, The Feeling Of Irrational Fear That Hunts Many People

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Phobia, the feeling of irrational fear that hunts many people. A phobia is the sensation of extreme fear "when it is not justified by the presence of any real danger or threat, or by any rational cause, and when it is accompanied by a systematic avoidance of the situations that lead to it.” A phobia is activated by a specific stimulus or situation, such walking on a bridge looking down and the feeling of uncontrollable fear or a stimulus such as a bee. When presented with the fear stimulus it will trigger a specific physical reaction or a combination of these reactions, such as a shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling, and trembling. Most people who are suffering from phobias recognize that their fear is irrational and are clueless of what is causing the fear, yet they still try to avoid coming in contact with any fear inducing stimulus because they fear the feeling of irrational fear. There are two studies that scientists had studies on the cause of phobia. The 1st study, scientists observed that one can be trained to fear a stimulus in an animal or human. A rat hears a low buzzing noise and then it is electrically shocked. This is to train the rat to fear that low buzzing sound. When this process is repeated several times eventually, when it hears the noise without the electrical shock it will still exhibit symptoms of fear because in their mind that low buzzing sound means danger and pain is coming.
Scientists used to think that people will exhibit

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