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Should schools and officials be able to go through one’s phone for information? I don’t believe that schools and officers have the right to be able to go through a suspect’s phone for information about something, I believe it is a violation of privacy, and ignores the fourth amendment which protects people from random search and seizures. For example, they could have embarrassing or funny personal photos and videos with a friend that they wouldn't want anyone watching or seeing. In the article “Phone Patrol” it states “People could in there, like of their girlfriends, that they don’t want somebody else to see, and it would be an invasion of privacy not only for them, but the other person also.”, and I believe police don’t need to be snooping through a suspect's personal information and pictures because they are invading one’s privacy. In addition, schools shouldn’t be able to stalk and look at a student's social media and then go through that students stuff. If there’s a situation, the school shouldn’t get involved, they should let the student’s parents take care of that. In the article “Password Protected”, it says “Schools do …show more content…

In the article “Phone Patrol” it states “California’s Ventura County arrested Gregory Diaz, saying they saw him participate in a drug deal. The sheriffs took Diaz’s cell phone from his pocket and scrolled through the text messages. They found one linking Diaz to the sale.”. However, not all stuff a person does should lead to an officer or school being able to go through a person’s phone. Monitoring students’ online activity is a major invasion of privacy and a violation of freedom of speech. eople could have pictures in there, of their girlfriends that they don’t want anyone else to see, and it would be an invasion of privacy for the both of

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