Phonics Assessment

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To determine Bailey’s reading level, she was given reading assessments including the Bursuck & Damer Advanced Phonics Diagnostic assessment and a Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI-6) which includes a word identification list. The phonics assessment was given to help analyze her phonic awareness and phonics skills to determine if she had an understanding of letter/sound correlation which will affect decoding ability. The evaluation tested numerous phonics aspects including several vowel combinations, consonant diagraphs and blends, other letter combinations, contractions, inflectional endings, hard and soft ‘C’/’G’, prefixes, and suffixes. These skills help to read words that are not recognized by sight. Word identification list can also help determine the passage level to begin with. The QRI-6 analyzed other components of reading including fluency, background knowledge, skill use, and…show more content…
Bailey was also ask to read the word identification lists for the QRI-6 in order to determine the reading level of her passages. She began on the sixth grade level and advanced until missing three words. Before passages were read, Bailey was ask questions to determine her familiarity of concepts contained in the passage. Afterwards, Bailey silently read the passage while being timed and her rate was recorded. Then Bailey was ask to retell the story to me as if I had never read it. The next step was to answer ten comprehension questions that were read by me. Following that, if she had any problems with answers, she was allowed to use the look-back procedure to give another answer. Finally, her level was recorded based on the answers that were given.
The only limitation present was that was my first time giving a writing assessment to a student. There were no other noted factors which might have affected the reader or the
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