The Reading Of Reading And Written Expression Fell Within The Average Range With Slightly Low Average Iq

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Kurtis’ overall achievement in reading and written expression fell within the average range with slightly low average scores in reading fluency and oral reading when compared to his same aged peers. Kurtis struggled with word attack skills and had difficulty with sounding out of words. Kurtis could identify beginning sounds, but when he was asked to read nonsense words he struggled with short vowel sounds and correct pronunciation. However, Kurtis’ Letter-Word Identification and Passage Comprehension were within the average range. When he read sentences orally he mispronounced words, and did not slow down to correct his errors even when they did not make sense. On the reading fluency subtest, he was required to read a short sentence and …show more content…

Kurtis’ classroom teacher ratings suggest he has difficulty maintaining necessary levels of attention at school. At times Kurtis might disrupt academic performance and functioning of those around him. He is restless and impulsive, and has difficulty maintaining his self-control. Socially Kurtis generally plays alone and has difficulty with social interactions in the classroom with peers his own age. Kurtis has difficulty comprehending and completing schoolwork especially when reading is concerned. When he is having a good day he is more willing to learn and treat others respectfully. Kurtis often struggles with understanding what is asked of him. He needs directions repeated and the teacher utilizes proximity and re-directing as needed to assist him in the classroom. Kurtis’ teacher expresses his concern about his inability to answer comprehension questions and expressing himself. Kurtis’ mother indicates that Kurtis plays with his younger brother and older cousins. During play he has appropriate social skills. At times, Kurtis’ mother, indicated he may struggle with attention. Kurtis’ mother reports that he generally exhibits adequate expressive and receptive communication skills and he is able to seek out and find new information when needed. They read books together and Kurtis is able to answer general comprehension questions. Kurtis is described as being thoughtful and helpful; however, he could always improve his listening skills. Kurtis

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