Physical Abused Women

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On the one hand, the emotionally abused are mainly females that have experienced a dramatic trauma in their life (Etain et al, 2010). According to Burns et al., (2010) women who had been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused are greater emotion instruction compared to women without abuse histories. Many women who have been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused have a greater aggression of emotion compared to women who have never had an abusive history. In the study done by Burns et al., (2010) asked 912 female college students to participant in a survey which revealed that women who has reported a history of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse which later resulted in them having emotional problems, which later cause depression during their lifetime. Bell and Higgins (2015) supported the idea that physically abused women with childhood emotional abuse (CEA) may increase the risk for intimate partner violence (IPV) within youthful and adult relationships. IPV may later on cause the women to select a partner, …show more content…

The angry partner would start calling the other partner names and start speaking about all the down faults that the partner does not do well in bed and some other things that they may regret saying in the future. This can cause the other partner to feel sad and he or she may be thinking that something is wrong with them or that they is not as good as they thought. Then the angry partner may force the other individual in to having sex after he or she said no which is consider rape. This make the victim feel like he or she do not have a choice and may make the individual feel disgusted with themselves which can lead to depression. After either the male or female experience emotional abuse in relationship may cause both the males and females to not date again or a soon as

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