Physical And Fitness: The Importance Of Physical Fitness

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In the whole lifespan from childhood to adolescent, going from one stage to other, there are many developments in organism with respect to growing, mental and maturation which are related to physical fitness. Physical fitness helps in the adaptations to the changing environment. WHO in its definition relates motor efficiency and health with physical fitness of an individual. Hence every individual is recommended for daily some physical activity for the proper functioning maintenance of health as well as mental development. Available literatures also show relation between physical fitness and anthropometric characteristics -body weight and height and even age on an individual.
There are studies revealing effect of physical fitness upon children’s …show more content…

There are no research articles on Indian chess player’s nutritional status and physical fitness, might be because it’s not as famous as cricket or its not given importance because naturally it doesn’t include any physical activity in it. But due to the findings on physical fitness and mental, growing and maturation connection, there is a need to develop awareness and look at the current status of such sports person who are players but not involved in any physical …show more content…

48, No.1, January 2011 )

In human development adolescence is the period of maturation and rapid growth. The nutritional status of adolescence girls , contributes majority to the community , as they will be the future mothers.
Physical growth also occurs very rapidly in adolescence age as compare to pre-adolescence age. In india, the proportion of adolescence getting married before their growth is very high ( 23.0%) (Agarwal et al, 1974). There is very littlee information regarding diet and nutritional staus of adolescent age group of rural India.
23% of adolescent girl population got married before 18 years of age. All are aware that in growing children conception leads to cessation of growth. It was observed about 24% of the married adolescent girls had short stature (<145 cm) and 18.6% are underweight (<38 kg) (Nutrition Foundation of India, 1989), who could be considered as ‘at risk’.
The average nutrient intake in rural population of about around 120 villages where found as:
Intake of nutrients in different age

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