Physical Body And Genitali The Biological Perspective

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Compare and Contrast Essay
Biological Perspective: The biological perspective posits the idea that one’s biological makeup is responsible for determining one’s gender. The idea is that a physical body and genitalia is what mandates the person’s gender. Some researchers have suggested that on top of this biological determinism, genes pass on gender stereotypes like an increased ability for math in people biologically assigned male and maternal instincts in people assigned female at birth. Others have suggested that evolution has cemented men and women’s roles in society because it always was that way. A simplistic explanation of chromosomes states that those with Y chromosomes are male and those without are female but as we know, it’s …show more content…

In general, once these intersex individuals are identified, corrective surgery is suggested to reassign the child within the traditional gender binary so that their gender identity will match expectations. Some scientists have suggested that gender identity is permeable within the first 18 months so that the intersexuality of their bodies can be addressed, while others suggest that identity is fluid throughout childhood until puberty, when the body changes caused will cement their gender identity. The process of acquiring a gender identity is simple within this framework. Because it is solely focused on biology, the identity is assigned based on which side of the gender binary it is closest to and that is all the nuance available. Later perspectives take this and define it as the biological sex, which they then separate from gender. However, this process is similar throughout all the perspectives for people who are cisgender, because they have no need for the further nuance that other perspectives can provide.

Psychological Perspective
Freud believed that gender identity was built from our interactions and learned from our environment, but was informed by our biological makeup. His theory of gender identity development is constructed in stages as the child grows older, first the oral stage, then the anal stage, then the critical stage in which the child’s gender identity is constructed called the genital stage. The genital stage requires

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