Physical Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse

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Human Development 300: Physical Effects of Child Sexual Abuse Cody O’Connell Washington State University When we are children, the smallest things can have such immense impacts on one’s life. A child’s world generally revolves around complete possibility, positivity, and spontaneity. However, this natural process can all be easily violated when a child is subjected to sexual abuse. This violation comes with an abundance of psychological, social, and psychological effects. Mainly looking at the physical effects, such immoral retribution subjugates children too, it can ultimately said that childhood sexual abuse can establish severe physical effects in which may completely violate the trust and core of a child’s relationship with the world (Pandora’s Project, 2001). Primarily, it is important to understand exactly what child sexual abuse is. A resource for survivors of child rape and sexual abuse defines it as “any sexual act with a child performed by an adult or an older child” (Pandora 's Project, 2001). This abuse can be subject to numerous amounts of acts such as; touching one unclothed or clothed, child prostitution encouragement, intentional engagement of sexual activity in front of a child, engaging in unwanted sexual activity, masturbation, penetration (oral) or penetrative sex, etc. (Pandora 's Project, 2001). In the last two years, the subject of childhood sexual abuse has received much attention. The American Counseling Association
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