Essay about Physical Network Layer Concepts

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Unit 4 Assignment 1: Computer Basics Review
Chapter 4 Review Activities
1. You have created a simple electrical circuit with a battery, wires, and a light bulb. Which of the following is true about this circuit? (Choose two answers)
B. The battery’s positive lead pulls current toward that lead.
C. The circuit creates a direct current
2. A PC NIC and a switch port create one electrical circuit to use when sending data. The sender creates a (maximum) 1-volt electrical signal with a frequency of 1000 hertz. Which of the following facts are also true? (Choose two answers)
B. The phase changes over time
C. The amplitude changes over time.
3. A PC NIC and a switch port create one electrical circuit to use when
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The cabling pinouts used
8. Which of the following answers best describes the definition of a cabling pinout?
C. The color of the wires and the pin numbers to which they connect on both ends of a cable.
9. A PC NIC connects to a switch port using 100BASE-T. Which of the following is true about what happens on that link?
A. The switch receives data on a circuit that includes the wire at the switch’s pin 2.
10. With a fiber-optic cable, the core of the cable, through which light passes, is made of which of the following?
C. Glass
11. Which of the following is the type of transmitter used on fiber-optic links that provides the longest maximum distances?
C. Laser
12. Which one answer lists the most likely place to find a fiber-optic link in a campus Ethernet LAN?
D. Between two switches in different buildings in the same office park
13. This chapter describes SONET, a family of physical layer standards used in telco networks over the last few decades. Which of the following are true about the slow and fast end of the optical carrier (OC) standards mentioned in this book: OC-1 and OC-192? (Choose two answers)
A. OC-1 runs at approximately 52 Mbps
D. OC-192 runs at approximately 10,000 Mbps (10Gbps)
14. What physical medium/media do radio waves need to move from one place to another?
B. The Earth’s ionosphere
15. Fred has a smart phone and a contract with SlateRock mobile. He uses his smart phone to call his friend Barney, on Barney’s
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