Physical Relationships Between A Client And A Therapist

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Take Home Exam #2 1. Autonomy is the right that individuals have to make decisions about their own lives. For an individual to be fully autonomous, they must have all the information regarding the decision and understand all possible outcomes from making the decision. An individual must all be free from coercion and pressure from outside sources. 2. Confidentiality is the professional obligation that a professional has to their client that does not allow the therapist or the social worker to reveal information without the client’s permission. The only time confidentiality is able to be broken is during mandatory reporting. Privacy is the innate right of a person to disclose information when and to whom they want to. Privileged…show more content…
If a social worker does choose to engage in these behaviors, the consequences include being charged with battery, malpractice, fines, jail time, and loss of license. 4. There are two major laws that protect community members against sexual offenders. Megan’s Law requires there to be a public database for sexual offenders. These databases show the offenders address and picture. The Adam Walsh Protection Act expanded on Megan’s law and streamlines the tracking of sexual offenders. This act created a three tier system. The tiers are based on the severity of the crime and lay out how often an offender has to register and for how long. It also set up a punishment system and if the offender does not register, they face 10 years in prison and they have three days to report a move. Finally, this act requires offenders to report their entire crime history and give DNA and finger prints to the police department. Although these laws are put in place to protect community members, it opens a lot of doors to unethical treatment towards the offender. Due to the fact that these laws make their home address, picture, and crime public information it decreases their beneficence, non maleficence, quality of life and human dignity. It also goes against the principles of least harm, confidentiality, protection of human life. The biggest reason it goes against all these principles is the fact that this database puts a target on them, opening the doors to abuse or even death.
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