Physical Therapist Papers

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The career that I chose to researched was a physical therapist. Physical therapist are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who can help patients reduce pain. Physical therapist also improve or restore mobility - in many cases without expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects. There were many steps taken to complete research on this career.
With the requirement of research needed I had to choose from which sources to obtain information from on my occupation. I made a list about important facts, eliminating sources that were not beneficial. The internet is always a dependable source for finding valuable information. That being said, the internet was
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During the week, how many hours are worked in the occupation?
What does a physical therapist typically do?
What are some disadvantages for a physical therapist?
What are some advantages for a physical therapist?
What are difficult tasks they are faced with?
Which body part becomes a challenge to stretch or massage?
What tools help the most with patients?
How do you keep up with patient records and progress?
What could make a session with a patient may create problems?
How do you put yourself aside with the patient and not become uncomfortable ?
How do you develop a treatment plan for the patient ?
The information i received from Ms. Cooke was very beneficial, due to the fact she works as a physical therapist on a day to day basis. I was referred to Ms. Cooke through my aunt who works at Hampton Regional Medical Center or HRMC. She also previously helped me rehabilitate my ankle that I injured during football season. Luckily as I was interviewing her she was also in the middle of a session with a patient. Therefore, I got to experience the work of a physical therapist first hand. I observer how she put her gloves on at first ,then she used lubricates to massage the
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