Physical Therapy Argumentative Essay

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Although it was several years ago, I can still remember the day when I decided that I was going to have a career in Physical Therapy. After finishing an intense soccer practice when I was nine years old we finished off with a small scrimmage. While playing midfield, everything was going very well until I get an unbelievable sharp pain in my right knee. Determined, I tried walking it off, limping around the field as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t keep up. As I fell to the cold freshly cut grass, I began crying and sweating. Zoning out, I just stared at the baby blue sky hearing voices far away when yet they were so close. I couldn’t feel my legs, terrified, I think to myself that I may not walk again. I remember I needed help to get off the field, everyone being so …show more content…

I went to the doctors the next day and I was told that I pulled my thigh muscle and that I needed a session of Physical Therapy., I did not know what Physical Therapy was at the time, however, it was going to turn out to be the amazingly unexpected

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