Physical Therapy Narrative

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The Story of My Search Helping others is a value my mother and father have always aspired to instill in me. As a young child, I often found myself assisting my grandmother, who was a nurse at the time, in taking care of our sick family members, one of which was my grandfather. My grandfather, Jim Wren, was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was in the fifth grade. It was heartbreaking for me, and I felt as if my entire world was falling to pieces. When I was younger, I would ride the school bus to his house every day after school. While my grandmother was at work, my grandfather and I would often find ourselves fishing in the lake behind his house or walking outside on trails he had once cut. While my grandfather and I were outdoors, I would often observe how he felt. It was amazing to see the extreme improvement in his health and even his mind set by simply going outside and getting a little exercise. From that day forward, I have always longed to see the …show more content…

I must first gain a Bachelor’s degree then continue to a university to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. As well as understanding the education that a physical therapist must obtain, I am fully aware of the trials a physical therapist will encounter daily, and I am ready to accept the responsibility. While also being aware of the medical aspects that are required to be a physical therapist, I am now aware of the emotional aspects as well. I now understand that physical therapist’s job is much more complex than simply putting a Band-Aid on a scratch. It’s caring for your patients in a way that makes them feel safe and secured. I am fully aware that the road ahead will be treacherous; however, if I apply myself in the classroom, as well as in the workplace, I believe I can achieve my ultimate goal of obtaining a Doctor of Physical Therapy

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