Therapist-Personal Narrative

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“The last thing I heard where the sirens. And the last thing I saw where a kaleidoscope of blue and red. And then everything went black, every ounce of air had escaped my lungs and had reached the surface of the lake in the form of little bubbles.” I told Louis Green, possibly the most boring person on earth. I don’t think he wanted to be my therapist anymore then I wanted to be in therapy. “do you remember anything before that?” he asked in a monotone voice. “like I said every other time, all I remember was seeing the man in the car behind me in the rearview mirror, and then my car flying off the side of the bridge” I answered, reluctantly. He seems to not believe me but this man I met at the gym has been following me ever since I met him. “louis I swear there is a man after me, I have been seeing him at night, I really think he is trying to kill me”…show more content…
I cut him off. “I am done with this it is not going to help if you do not believe me.” I made a beeline to the door. I was done with this. My friends couldn’t convince me anymore there was not use. “wait, wait” he ran after me and slid in front of me blocking the door. He grabbed the door handle with one hand and slowly drew the other hand to the top of his head. He started to tug on his hair and seemed to be pulling off his head. No, it was a mask. And I immediately recognized him. It was the man. I tried to run the other way screaming for my life. But he was to quick he grabbed my hair. He just calmly said “you should have gone to prom with me Kristen wales.” “Zak Garber?” And those where the last words I ever
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