Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be A Last Option

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Controlling Your Body: Physician-Assisted Suicide
A total of five states: Montana, California, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, allow for their residents to have a relatively simple way to die before naturally suffering to death with a terminally ill condition. Physician-assisted death is “providing terminally ill patients with a potentially lethal prescription that they could ingest on their own to relieve otherwise intractable suffering by directly hastening death” (“Existing ‘Last Resorts’”). Although physician-assisted suicide should be a last option and require great amounts of counseling, courts should properly recognize this practice as a legitimate legal action in order to prevent things like unsafe suicides and excruciating pain. When a patient finally comes to the conclusion that they would like to bring their lives to an end, they are to end or opt out of enduring physical and emotional torture. I believe that if he or she first has been diagnosed by multiple separate sources with no room for error regarding the severity and mortality of their disease, other individuals should not have the authority to deny this option of relief. This practice, over the past ten years, has consistently accounted for “approximately one out of every thousand deaths per year” which may appear insignificant, but “one in fifty patients talk to their doctor about it, and one in six talk with family members” (“Existing ‘Last Resorts’”, 1). Most of these candidates will find great solace

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