Physician-Patient Communication

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healthcare delivery processes contain numerous interfaces and patient handoffs among the care providers. Despite being in the same professions, these professionals have varying levels of education and expertise in handling the patient. A patient visiting a health center interacts with many of these professionals. This patient’s satisfaction is based on the care received by many professionals and by the way they handle and interact with the patient. For the clinical outcome to be efficient and effective, information must be accurately communicated. Failure to communicate effectively put the patient’s life and health at risk. Miscommunication can cause medical errors, which result in severe injury or even termination of life (O’Daniel and Rosenstein, 2008).
A physician-patient relationship is a particular type of social interaction. The relationship is directed by the outcome, which is the patient’s treatment goal. There is active participation of the patients in the treatment plan for a positive therapeutic relationship. A successful interaction allows the patient to disclose personal and private
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To facilitate open communication amongst staff within the different departments within the organization, most of the health care facilities have adopted the use of the intranet to enhance communication and relaying of information. The open communication provides a direct link to the leaders and hence nurses can take part in the decision-making. Technology helps in carrying out the employee satisfaction and engagement surveys. The patient’s outcomes depend on open communication and thus determines their level of satisfaction. Moving to the use of the intranet has also resulted in centralization of essential resources in the online platform. Under the new platform, tedious manual tasks are simplified such as the approval of managerial work flows using the online forms and automated
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