Physics and Nature of Sound

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Locate a noise source in an environment with which you are familiar or research a situation in which you are not working around noise. Recommend at least one specific method to reduce the noise level using each of the following: engineering, administrative, or work practice controls. How would you take advantage of the wave-like nature of sound in designing a control method? Right now as I am doing this assignment, I hear a variety of noises but loudest of all is this lawnmower operated by my neighbor who somewhat deaf himself seems to be unaware of its high decibel sound level. The wave-like nature of sound states the following: Sound travels through waves; it cannot travel in a vacuum. Sound is really a variation in its pressure on those waves. A region of increased pressure is 'compression 'or noise; a region of decreased pressure on a sound wave is 'dilation'. The waves have different characteristics. These are: Amplitude, frequency (and period), wavelength, speed, and phase (The physics hypertextbook). Amplitude represents intensity, loudness, or volume and this is the quality that I wish to diminish/ work on. The larger the amplitude, the greater the intensity of the sound wave, and the louder the sound. I may be able to use that to design some methods that can temper my neighbor's loud machine. Firstly, the larger the amplitude, the greater the intensity of the sound wav and the louder the sound, so I need to diminish the amplitude. To know the amplitude of the
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