Physics Speed of Sound Lab Report

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Samantha Mackey 13. 2nd hour



In this lab, we will be doing 3 major things: 1) Collecting and organizing data to obtain resonant points in a closed pipe, 2) measure the length of a closed-pipe resonator, and 3) analyze the data to determine the speed of sound.


1. Fill the graduated cylinder nearly to the top with water, with a tall glass tube open at both ends (the water level with act as the closed end). 2. Determine the room’s air temperature, and also measure the diameter of the glass tube. Record the data. 3. Select a tuning fork and record the frequency (in Hz) in the data table. Record the data. 4. Strike the tuning fork against a rubber …show more content…

These averages we determined from the trials can be compared to the accepted speed of sound (344.2 m/s in this specific temperature), and we determine the relative error percentages:

344.2 – 302.64 x 100 = 12.07% 344.2 – 318.25 x 100 = 7.54% 344.2 344.2

These sources of error come from a few

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