Piano Reflection

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Everything was progressing smoothly as my fingers traversed the terrain of my upright piano until, inevitably, an all too familiar, jarring chord rang from its core. Although I wanted nothing more than to disregard my repeated blunder and never look back, I knew that this “strategy” would fall short when I performed the piece for my teacher the following day. So with perseverance, focus, and fear of a disapproving glare, I managed to play it through faultlessly. Now all that remained was the small task of playing the piece an additional four times in a row with that same impeccable accuracy. Upon realizing the amount of work ahead of me, I mentally kicked myself for not starting sooner and lengthened my timer from the remaining twelve minutes to another thirty. It was time to woodshed this until I got it right every time.

Playing the piano has been a rewarding experience for me throughout my life for not only granting me the skill of playing, but also for teaching me lessons that can be applied to my academic and personal life. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from piano is the ability of breaking down a seemingly unsolvable problem into its basic components or, in the terms of my piano teacher, woodshedding. For non-musicians, woodshedding might be an unfamiliar term and may even sound fictitious, but rest assured, it is a legitimate word denoting the practice of an instrument. However, my piano teacher had a more distinct interpretation. The first time I

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