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Closing in to the Camp Ocky trip in science class we learned about the Pine Barrens. The three things I learned about that I thought were the most interesting included the Pine Barrens, the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, and Past and Present Pinelands industries. Even though the Pine Barrens are in a small state the Pine Barrens have very interesting and important things in and under it.
The Pine Barrens is a protected area of land in New Jersey that protects the animals and all life inside it. The Pine Barrens is so big it covers 1.1 million acres of New Jersey. 1.1 million acres is so big the Pine Barrens cover 22% of New Jersey. Also the Barrens is in 7 different counties in New Jersey. The 7 counties it´s in are Ocean county, Burlington county,
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Blueberry and Cranberry farming have been around forever. New Jersey is a great place for them to grow because of the necessities they need to grow. New Jersey has many bogs which is where cranberries are grown. Also the acidic soil, abundant soil moisture, and great drainage so the blueberries get air during the growing season is naturally suited for the blueberries to grow. Iron making was important in the 1700s and 1800s. Iron was used to create weapons and kitchen utilities which were very important in that time. However when coal was discovered in Pennsylvania the iron industries crumbled. Hunting, gathering and trapping have been in the Pine Barrens for 300 years. The abundant number of animals and plants in the Pinelands give people something to hunt and gather. Hundreds of years ago this was essential however today it is regarded as recreation.
The Pine Barrens are very important to the millions of people living in it. The Pine Barrens is very interesting and has a rich past. The Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer is important to the people that depend on it. The 1.3 trillion gallons supply millions of people with water. Cranberry and blueberry farming have been around for a very long time and ironmaking and hunting and gathering have been around even longer. The Pine Barrens is a very cool place to live in because of its past industries that are fascinating and the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer along with facts about the Pine Barrens that are

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