Pisces: A Short Story

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Lucienne Fall was held back in second grade. Yes, that is true. She was also not allowed to go to school for like 6 months for some reason. So, she's 15 and a half and she's a freshman. Leslie (the grade skipping buzzkill), Gretchen (the rude girl), and Lucienne had birthdays in March. In the same group of days too. Leslie on March 11, Gretchen on March 14, and Lucienne on March 17. So, all three of them were Pisces. Everytime she reads about Pisces she always reminds them too. It does not matter that she hates them both. Astrology is so fascinating. Her girlfriend, Shay, has a birthday on October 5th. That means she is a Libra. A Libra and a Pisces? Well, they make it work. Shay can be judgemental and angry but she cares about others.…show more content…
She just sort of woke up in a parking lot. Hungover as all hell but it's cool. What day was it? She knew there were about 6 people at her school who was intresting to gossip about. Some were her friends, but they probably didn't care. There was Mochi the Virgo, who hated her and the feeling was somewhat mutal, was Bi and didn't know it yet. Leslie the Pisces was overly-confident and slow-minded. Gretchen the Pisces totally has a lesbian crush on Gail. Tomoka the Leo does all kinds of crazy stuff to herself, but because she likes her she decided to not repeat stuff she heard. Sam the Scorpio was a weirdo but the only one who got her crossdressing style. There are no rumours about Gail the Aquarias other than she likes that rude slutbo over there. Gail is a sweetheart after all. Shay is her gossip girl so she gets all kinds of things from her. The group was intresting to say the least. She wasn't big into psychology or experiments but she was curious how they'd all get along at a dinner party. Shay has some beef with Leslie and Tomoka so that will make it twice as funny. Two pinning nerds, a psychopath, a complete fake, a loud "socially anxious" buzzkill, a closted bisexual, a drunk, and an a girl who has to sit in the middle of a complete fake and a loud "socially anxious"
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