Plagiarism Essay

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What is plagiarism? Obviously the word must be of some importance as I know it can greatly change ones future. From what I know, plagiarism can happen by careless mistakes, being uneducated of what plagiarism really means or just on purpose to save time for themselves. Some writers may not know the actual detail of how you give another writer full credit of their work. Another could be that some students are lazy, worried or in a rush to finish a paper and think plagiarizing is the best solution at that time for them. Mainly, I think this would happen in high school and colleges. Students in these areas are so busy which could make the idea plagiarizing a way to save them a little time to worry and finish another project …show more content…

My teachers had always taught that as each of us students got older the punishment for plagiarism would only get worse. As I have read in different articles I know my teachers in High School were telling the truth as much as I would not like to believe it.

Through research I have found several resources which tell of stories and of court cases involving plagiarism and the outcomes of each case. But before the court cases, knowing the definition of plagiarism and understanding how it is proven is essential information. Plagiarism comes from the Latin word plagiarius meaning kidnapper. As I said before, to me my definition of plagiarism is stealing other peoples work. There are a variety of ways people can steal other peoples work. Anyone can copy out of a book, go on the internet and copy articles or buy an article on the internet for a school paper. If not giving any credit to either of those writers, someone has just plagiarized. Teachers have different resources to detect whether or not a student has plagiarized. Most teachers get use to a style a student has when writing papers. Teachers are usually aware when reading if a student has plagiarized due to not sounding like themselves. A new source called has become a popular site for teachers to detect plagiarism. All a teacher has to do is cut and paste someones paper or type a part of paper which doesnt

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