Plagiarism in Essay Writing Is Form of Cheating. Do You Agree?

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Plagiarism is not a crime, but it is a moral offence. Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s original idea and passing it as one’s own work. While each university has different policy and regulations against plagiarism some examples of it are: Direct copying from original sources, copying material and making slight changes to it and paraphrasing. Plagiarism in essay writing is cheating, and students who use someone else’s intellectual property without permission, or having someone else do their essay work are breaking the educational institution regulations. These practices of cheating create lack of creativity, inability to gain new knowledge and disrespect towards the professor and the original author. Copy and paste …show more content…

In such a cases, students usually do very little research on the particular subject and simply copy information from internet, make slight changes to the words and present it as own work. This is also considered serious plagiarism because the information taken has not been quoted and the source has not been cited. Brian Martin argues that a lot of students are victims of this type of plagiarism because the students are unaware of the correct method of referencing and are unaware of their educational institution policy on paraphrasing, therefore it is essential students to become familiar with the university rules regarding paraphrasing and always put quotation marks and cite the source of information. Universities have measures to prevent and catch students who have plagiarised their essays, however on a rare occasions plagiarism is unfortunately undetected. In such a circumstances, the student receives a high mark and passes the subject without gaining the knowledge in that field. According to Jude Carroll there are no solutions to fully prevent plagiarism, however with the plagiarism on the rise the universities are implementing methods to minimise it. “We will never prevent students from colluding, plagiarising and breaking the rules but we can deter them by putting in place a range of activities and procedures, each on its own unable to make much difference, but in combination, able to change the way everyone deals with

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