Plan B One Step Emergency Contraceptive

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Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive is a well-known form of last minute birth control among women. It is used as a back-up plan if birth control fails or unprotected sex is had without birth control. The product itself is controversial because it is considered a form of abortion by many people. This ad was found in People magazine, a gossip/tabloid magazine commonly found near the registers at grocery stores, supermarkets and other various convenience stores. Glancing over the page, it seems harmless enough and like a good thing for those who need it. Upon further analyzing, this advertisement shows the pressure put upon girls in America and the problem of lack of proper sexual education. The advertisement itself takes up a whole page in the magazine. The model posing is in a bedroom, sitting on the bed with a facial expression like she just accidentally forgot something or dropped something not necessarily important. She looks to be in her late teens or early twenties which leads me to believe that is the age group this advertisement is aimed at. The main caption is “Hey, nobody’s perfect” in two feminine, almost casual fonts and the word “perfect” is designed to stand out. There is also a picture in the bottom right-hand corner of the box for Plan B which is said to be for “the perfectly imperfect” underneath the picture. The bottom left-hand corner has the fine print along with the larger phrase “Millions of Women Have Already Chosen Plan B One-Step”. The

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