Plan for Managing an International Team

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Part 1. Team Organization The purpose of this plan for managing the international team is to increase the probability that the relationships of team members are viable, that team members feel recognized and valued, and that the productivity of the teams is optimized. In addition, this management plan is designed to ensure that travel expenses and travel time is reduced to the minimum necessary for effective productivity. Further, the philosophy of the company has always been that a diverse team permits a deeper range of professional experience and knowledge than a homogeneous team. A typical hierarchical arrangement will not meet the needs of the virtual teams, and a primary goal of mine is to ensure that the management structure is as facile as necessary to ensure fluid functioning. For this reason, team leaders in each country will be expected to study and learn about the various cultures in which they conduct business, both with their internal teams and with contractors. Team leaders will be responsible for the organization of their teams and for the collaboration across teams, which is vital to product. My role in this management plan is indirect and focuses on oversight of the teams, while direct responsibility for team functioning rests with the team leaders. I will meet annually with each of the annual teams. Part 2. Facilitation of Communication In order to encourage team members to become familiar with other members of the global team, a community homespace
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