Plastic in Sports Safety Essay

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Anyone who plays sports knows the risks they are taking if they play. What if there was a way for us to better protect if not prevent ourselves and our children from getting a traumatic brain injury that cause serious issues in future life. I played rugby for 3 years myself have had multiple and have concussions, with the last concussion I was told that I cannot play contact sports anymore. I would like to look into what plastics could do to improve the safety in these games whether it be football or any of the major sports in America today. There have been major developments in player safety over the past few years as many past players are having issues that are related to the game they played. Junior Seau committed suicide because he…show more content…
Each one of these things came from necessity. The main goal is to keep the body safe at all times no matter the sport. NASCAR has been a sport that evolves constantly because of accidents that are a part of the sport. The walls have been rebuilt at most of the major speedways on the circuit because of the major crashes that have occurred. One of the greatest drivers ever died in a crash that led to a safer helmet and better seat restraints. Sports are always going to be evolving and plastics are allowing them to become safer without changing the way the games are played. Which is a main reason that the NFL is hesitant to make any major changes to the equipment such as taking away facemask or helmets in general which are ideas that have been brought up.

So right now a major word being thrown around is the concussion, it is a completely serious thing that needs to be addressed by every sport. The NFL has been studying it and has work on the helmet technology that it uses. Recent articles have come out saying that the helmet may actually be encouraging the concussions to occur (Shankman) . The modern helmet is made from PC or Polycarbonate which is a plastic that is extremely difficult to crack. One major problem with PC is the fact that it does not disperse force well. Therefore it actually is helping players get traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The traditional helmet is made of a PC layer that is injection molded and a layer of 2 inch thick polypropylene
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