Improvement in Football Helmet Technology

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There has been extraordinary improvements of helmets from the old leather to the modernized-plastic football helmets along with the face mask and energy- absorbent padding. In addition, the concern over preventing concussions, have led to helmet changes, impact testing methods and reconstruction of injuries during play helping to provide insight on concussions(4). Helmets have been successful in decreasing the risk of traumatic brain injuries, but there is much concern over concussion; therefore, scholars argue the importance of technology development to address concussion(5). As the author(s), David Viano and David Halstead discusses, there is room needed for understanding the types of collisions associated in youths and the impact condition addressing collisions. There are many variables to consider addressing concussion and where they occur. The creation of the Head Impact Telemetry System (HIT) and Star System offered ways to measure helmets in the level of protectiveness. Despite its capability of measuring linear acceleration and impact location, the HIT system is unable to measure angular acceleration accurately(2). Scholars state rotational and linear is not suitable in predicting concussions(5).With that, future innovation and improvement will provide better insight in understanding these test and concussions(1). Still,Regardless of the effectiveness of the product, helmets will never be perfect in preventing injuries(1). The National Operating Committee on

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