Brain Plasticity Essay

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Not all information is stored in the implicit memeory. As the implicit memory is weak as the implicit memory builds a perspective based on past experiences which is the perception of the world typically. Yet, one’s perception of the world does not mean those events are factual or that one’s reality is the way in which all should view the world, or the way in which is world is seen. A Hindu child developing typically would integrate the events occurring around him and the values expected upon the child, but would not question whether of not the worship of the deity is the correct way in which to live or if the Hindu religion/culture is something in which all people live by. The developing child carry only the perception in which their parents …show more content…

The brain’s plasticity forms new connections – neurons- by learning new information and memorizing the information. A study conducted by Draganski in 2006, showed that the extensive learning of abstract information can also trigger some plastic changes within the brain. In the study, brain images of German medical students three months prior to their exam and after their exam were compared to brain images of students who were not studying at all before the exam. The students showed learning-induced changes in regions of the parietal cortex, and the posterior hippocampus. These regions of the brain are responsible for memeory retrieval and learning ( P. Michelon, “ Brain Plasticity…”). The brain learns through implicit memeory, as also the brain learns extrinsically through the explicit memory. The explicit memory are “conscious memories that can easily be verbalized. They are more complex types of memories because they are often holistic, in that they involve the recall of many different aspects of a situation” (Hall 1998). As Hindu children come of age and become adults they may realize that through social influences such as the media, friends, colleagues and the internet that the Hindu way of life or their culture could not be the way I which they wish to pursue their life.

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