Plato 's View On Advantage And Justice

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Plato in book 1 is not himself, he is potrayed by another character since plato is the author of book 1. The word Advantage throughout book 1 to demonstrate how justice can be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others. According to Plato this is what Justice symbolizes, therefore this statement mentioned above is fully justified. To further support this claim, this paper will focus on the following supporting evidence. Firstly, how Plato’s character uses the word advantage to solidify his opinions on what justice should be and secondly, how Plato’s character view on advantage and justice differs from Socrates opinion.

As stated before, Plato’s character emphasizes the word advantage to solidify his opinions on what justice …show more content…

The people with this superior power only focus on what will benefit them, individuals in this society are led to believe that the ones who have gained this sort of power care about the weak when in fact, it’s the complete opposite .The weak are seen as cattle ,only meant to feed the strong. . The ones that rule will always find a way to make themselves look better by using anything and everything to their advantage. Plato’s character elaborates that concept in this quote , “And each ruling group sets down laws for its own advantage(…) in every city the same thing is just , the advantage of the established ruling body. It surely is master; so the man who reason rightly concludes that everywhere justice is the same thing, the advantage of the stronger”(339a). As stated before, this quote explains how the few that rule make laws that only help them gain over people who are not able to obtain the same power. Limiting their influences, needs and wants in that society . According to Plato’s character , this is fully justified since the rule makers have worked their way to be where they are in society making their decision just.

Previously mentioned in the paragraph above, Plato’s character and Socartes views on justice and advantage differ .To demonstrate this statement throughout the pages (18-34) there is numerous evidence for such a claim. Socrates stated that, “I said a moment ago that no one willingly chooses to rule and get mixed

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