Playing An Instrument Analysis

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Think about instruments as a relief from paper and pencil, there are no tests, no qualifications and limitations. I think playing an instrument is an enjoyable, educational school activity. Students can learn how to read musical notes. When one can read music notes they will have the ability to play them on an instrument. Second, playing an instrument can easily expand one's knowledge because that person will advance into playing that particular instrument. Especially if a student is a beginning player then they can ask peers or research about their instrument. Last, students can show school spirit and passion by playing his or her instrument while marching. Not only that, but students can play his or her instrument loudly for …show more content…

When a student plays an instrument they will obtain knowledge from the instrument itself, reading the notes, and exercising one memorization skills. If a student already plays an instrument they can expand or transfer their knowledge by playing many different type of instruments. If one plays an Alto Saxophone they can transfer their knowledge to a Tenor or a Baritone saxophone, these three saxophones have pretty much the same fingering order, since they have the same fingering order it will be easy to transfer knowledge about saxophones. Another great way to expand knowledge it to take advice from classmates. The peers in one's class can teach each other about their instrument and the way it works. Another great choice to expand one's knowledge is to simply do a World Wide Web search about their instrument, using this method one can watch tutorial videos, read blogs, or even use World Wide Web communication to practice with other members of his or her band class. Overall, expanding knowledge helps learn more about …show more content…

While in marching band one can learn how to march while playing an instrument. When in marching band one may play louder than normal. While playing louder one has more a chance to express his or her passion of playing an instrument. Not only that, but one can get the audience pumped up about the music and marching. When getting the audience pumped up the band can play louder than normal, march, and show school spirit and school colors. Moreover, in marching band students are allowed to play louder than normal, march, show school spirit, and show one's passion for music.

In conclusion, a student may join a school activity like band. I believe that one can play an instrument in the school activity called band. I think band is an ability where one may have the chance to show to freely express their ways of music. Giving one a chance to express music opens up a whole new world of creativity. As I have stated above, music gives a child a break from pencil and paper, qualifications, and limitations by doing thing in band like reading music notes, expanding knowledge on instruments, and marching

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