Plunging The Joy Luck Club by Amt Tan Essay

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The Joy Luck Club (1985) was written by Amy Tan (1952). The Joy Luck Club is the story of a Chinese mother who leaves everything behind, a mother who leaves her family in China in order to get her children (in this case our protagonist June) a better life. Or as Amy Tan says: “The Joy Luck Club, about a woman whose mother has just died and who regrets that she never knew who she truly was. The stories poured out. They were what I felt and had to say before it was too late. I had found my reason to write.” (
The Joy Luck Club is the story of a Chinese mother who leaves everything behind but it is also the story of a Chinese-American woman who realises in a …show more content…

The story of the swan (we can read it on Feathers from a Thousand LI Away) is very meaningful. The American Dream changes between the generations. For the mothers, it is creating a future full of privilege and success. For the daughters, it is the freedom to take their opportunities and do with them as little or as much as they want. The daughters' American ness is reflected most strongly in their relationships with men. Ted, Harold, and especially Rich, represent the American part of their wives, which for the mothers seems frighteningly disconnected from Chinese thinking. Suyuan wants Jing-Mei to be the perfect American girl like Shirley Temple, but resents how little Jing-Mei understands about Chinese culture. As Lindo Jong explains, these are the perils of being "two-faced." Fitting in one place means not fitting in somewhere else, and the challenge for Chinese-American women is to find a balance that honours both cultures. Another very important subject is that which talks about love and marriages. On the one side we have the mothers who thought that love and marriage are not always holding hands. That is, a wife sometimes has to do things although she doesn’t want to. We come back to role of the submissive woman. On the other hand we have the daughters, who believe that they have the right to find true love and to get married and if they marry, they have the right to be themselves and not what their husbands or the

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