Pocahontas: Who Is She Really?

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Pocahontas. Who is she really? Who was she? Well, many americans know her as a beautiful indian women who was claimed to save an innocent man's life (John Smith). One may also believe that Pochatos was also known for having a special connection/ romance with John Smith. They get this from the original Disney animated movie (Pocahontas). Although she did save the english settler, there is no actual evidence that she actually was nothing but friends with John. She actually married someone else. The disney movie is not false, but rather inaccurate. The character POcahontas is portraying in2 this is inaccurate!. There are many things people know that are wrong. Who was actually “Pocahontas”. Is her name even “pocahontas”?

Pocahontas. Or Matoaka was born around March, 1595 in Virginia to Powhatan ( a native american leader). She was a Powhatan Native american. Throughout her life she was always her father's favorite. He called her his “delight and darling”. Pocahontas known to meran “playful” was just a nickname for the bright girl. Her actual …show more content…

In the she died because there was a terrifying illness that composed beneath her skin and there was no control. . As we know, during those times there were not cures for diseases. So, the fearless women that everyone will remember passed. Although, she passed away her life showed a meaning. Pocahontas won many awards and is in fact honored every single day. Every essay, writing, drawing shows the honor of Pocahontas. As I've stated before the movie “Pocahontas” was a great honor for her. Just some awards that movie has won his Grammy, BMI Film Music Award, Golden Screen, ,many more! A great appreciation was given to Pocahontas when this movie came out. The effort was definitely worth it or her. Pocantos showed no matter what age, gender, personality nothing is impossible. Even saving whoms

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