Pocket Bomb: A Short Story

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Pocket bomb Crack! Went the fire, as grandpa threw a new log onto it. The fire burst into flames as he stirred up the hot ashes, ¨ when will she be done? ¨ I asked grandpa, ¨who knows¨ he said. Grandma was inside making pudding biscuits, “Jayda!” she yelled. I ran inside she handed me a stick with dough on the end, the dough was sticky it felt like it was covered in sticky goo, “give this to grandpa” she said , I grabbed it out of her hand and walked out the door. “Here” I said to grandpa. He leaned over the fire.He held the dough covered stick over the flame, I thought it was kinda strange. A couple minutes went by and my grandpa handed me the stick back and said “who wants this one? “ I took it inside and my grandma filled it
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