Poem Analysis : ' Incantation '

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Preston Middleton
Poetry Summer Assignment
Czeslaw Milosz

Prompt: Much is said about the power, for good or evil, of language. In the poem Incantation, the author discusses this power. In the opening line, the author sets the stage for the piece, stating: “Human reason is beautiful and invincible.” Read the poem carefully, and then write a well-developed essay in which you analyze how the author conveys the power and potential of language.

Language has an indisputable power in our society. From persuasive essays to pep talks, we as humans have long recognized and harnessed, to the best of our ability, this truly awesome power. Poetry, for example, is often utilized to express a depth of emotion and reality untouched by simpler communication; a profundity not often experienced in our daily lives. In his poem, Incantation, Czeslaw Milosz focuses on this power, and conveys it effectively through simple yet elegant uses of several literary devices. In so doing, he creates an exquisite abstraction of the eloquence of language, and reinforces the construct to continually spotlight the attention of the audience. Milosz states that when human reasoning is driven by love of knowledge, and expressed through poetry, it “establishes the universal ideas in language / And guides our hand so we write Truth and Justice” (4-5). He writes with a confidence that conveys his believe in that precept. His writing style emphasizes the inexhaustible potential of the

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