Transcendentalism In Edgar Allan Poe

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A Dream Within A Dream, Annabel Lee, The Raven, and The City In The Sea are well known examples of Poe’s mastery of classic literature. Edgar Allan Poe was “one of the most well-published” poets and very critical of Transcendentalism in the 19th century. Poe did not approve of the work of the Transcendentalists and was a Prolific writer himself. The established poet was inspired by his life and each of his poems included a life experience embedded within. Edgar Allan Poe wrote A Dream Within A Dream and Annabel Lee after his wife, Virginia, had died in 1847 as tributes to her and to describe his loss and loneliness. Edgar Allan Poe’s life influenced his poem’s because the tones reflected the emotions he was feeling and the themes reflected the lessons he was learning.
Edgar Allan Poe created many of his poems in the Romantic Era, which lasted from 1800 through 1850. Two very important poems Poe wrote include, Annabel Lee, and A Dream Within A Dream. Both of these poems were published in 1849 which rounded out the Romantic Era. January 19th of 1809 was a special day in history because it was the astonishing poet’s day of birth. While living in Baltimore, Poe devoted much of his attention to his cousin Virginia. Virginia “became [Poe’s] literary inspiration,” so from this time on most of his poems focused on their relationship ( Editors, paragraph 11). The maiden also became “his love interest,” and they eventually got married ( Editors, paragraph

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