Essay On My Writing Process

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This is the first time I’ve had any formal kind of training/help with my poetry and I can definitely tell there is a change in my writing process. I don’t feel like my overall writing has improved, more like now I know how to properly use it. Usually, I just write down a bunch of words but by having constraints I would never give myself I was able to really stretch my abilities and write some decent stuff that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. I feel like the most useful thing I learned how to utilize stanza structure because I’ve never really given it much thought before. I feel like I also learned to be more expressive in how I write because you pushed me to use more imagery. I used to just write poems exactly how I thought of them which meant there was no grammar and really long lines which I get now aren’t as cool as using a formal structure. This whole class overall really helped to challenge me to make my poems more accessible because I’ve never written a poem that anyone else has read before, so I feel like that’s a good kind of challenge. I really feel like I’ve learned exactly what my style is, because before I either wasn't interested or just didn’t give it much thought. And by learning exactly what my style is I can polish it and really excel.
The two books that we read that I most identified with and helped me was Carrie Jerrell’s After the Revival and Ada Limon’s Bright Dead Things. I most enjoyed whenever we went over “When the Rider is Truth” in class. By
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